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May 2007 News

Waldorf Hilton to recapture the glamour of the roaring '20s

As part of the build up to its 100-year anniversary celebration, the Waldorf Hilton is reintroducing what was one of Londonís most famed events in the 1920s

Mix business with pleasure

Mixing business with pleasure is what itís all about for Matfen Hall and the launch of a new dimension to their standard conference package

New car park for Heathrow

The new purpose-built, multi-storey car park at Heathrow is part of an £11million investment in UK airport car parks by Q-Park

Money matters

A revealing survey finds that salary is the most important thing to the majority of PAs Ė more so than a good working relationship

Take to the floor

Simply Dancing Partners is a revolution in the ballroom and latin dancing world - they guarantee partners who can dance and aim to get your event moving

Speak your mind

Your boss may be as cool as a cucumber when it comes to speaking to colleagues but put them in a public speaking situation and it seems itís a different story

Whatís in a name?

A snapshot survey of almost 200 PAs and secretaries has revealed that many administrative job titles are changing

A warm welcome

Opening this summer is the Wellcome Collection Conference Centre Ė a brand new venue in the heart of London

Zooming into action

Zoom, the Canadian carrier, is set to launch a service from Gatwick to Bermuda next June

Britain a popular meeting choice

According to official figures Britain is one of the top three destinations in the world to do business
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