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Coffee breaks under fire

Next time you moan about co-workers smoking habits and their excessive breaks take the time to consider whether you may also be guilty of neglecting your work


Majority of people happy with working hours

Do you think you’re working too hard? Or perhaps you’d be happy to shoulder some extra hours? More likely however, is that you’re perfectly content with the number of hours you’re working – according to stats from the Aust


Domestic airfares to rise

The cost of flying with Qantas and Virgin is likely to add a few extra dollars to the company’s budget – as both airlines have said they will be passing the cost of the carbon tax imposed on them on to passengers


Boss of the Year 2011 Prize

Our Boss of the Year 2011 prize revealed....

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Edinburgh Castle EA/PA Open Day

The Edinburgh Castle is immersed in Sydney’s History and has been a Sydney landmark since 1885.

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