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March 2012 News

Stop Press!! Awards annoucement!

Executive PA Magazine Awards 2012 to be held in multi-million-dollar Dockside venue


Internet keeps job seekers truthful

It seems we’re all starting to become more aware of just how big and powerful the internet is – as research from Cornell University has revealed that job seekers are less likely to lie on an online job application


Could your boss harm your heart?

We all know that being overweight, failure to do any physical activity and a poor diet are a recipe for a heart attack – but did you realise that your boss may also now be a danger factor for the condition?


Sharp increase in workplace disputes

The number of working days lost as a result of industrial disputes has almost doubled according to new statistics from Australian Bureau of Statistics


Are you a Melbourne PA or EA?

Register yourself and your colleagues to attend this Reader Event...


Sharpening their aim...

Executive PA Magazine readers attend AIME 2012 - Melbourne


Calling all amazing PAs!

We spend most of our week in the office  - going about our tasks and making the boss’s working day that bit easier. And while your pay packet landing on your desk each month certainly helps – wouldn’t it be nice to receive something extra in recognition for your dedication to the PA role?


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