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Avoiding an awkward conference MC

Whether your event is a corporate dinner, awards presentation or conference, choosing the right speakers can make or break the success of the event....

Why worlds should collide to benefit company culture?

Savvy 90s sit-com watchers will be well aware of the neurotic, self loathing character George Louisa Costanza or ‘Cant-stand-ya’ of the show Seinfeld. Well...

Premium Executive Travel

In this day and age, business professionals are on the go; after all, time is money. Whether it be a meeting, a corporate or...

7 tips for an effective staff conference

Dwain Richardson is a regular contributor to Executive PA. This month Dwain provides 7 tips for an effective staff conference.   We often hear about many...

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Boss of the Year!

A great boss can be a great role model for other bosses to follow and draw inspiration from. So besides offering recognition by you...

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