19 February 2019: Executive PA Media at AIME 2019

For Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs): How to work better with Executive Assistants

As the meetings industry business model has changed, organisations are increasingly handling and managing key elements of their own events, and invariably executive level assistants are tasked with the responsibilities that were previously commissioned to external professional conference organisers.

Direct corporate business is not going to go away, so instead of viewing executive assistants as a threat to your business, this session will provide some great insights to identify how work with EAs to gain their business. There has never been a session at AIME to address this issue, despite it being at the top of the agenda for many PCOs in recent years.

A panel of executive assistants, facilitated by Russell Peacock, Chairman, Executive PA Media.

15:30pm – 16:00pm, Tuesday 19 February 2019
Ideas Academy
AIME 2019