7 signs you have an awesome boss

The 2018 Executive PA Awards was a great chance to recognise EAs for how they enable the success of their boss and organisation. Writes Karen Gately.

Let’s face it. It’s nice to give credit where credit is due. All too often however, the role of EA can be a thankless job with the silent but essential contributions you make being taken for granted.

It was also an important opportunity to recognise outstanding leaders who work in ways that enable their EA to be successful. Common among all of the nominees for the 2018 Boss of Year award was an approach based on respect and kindness. Congratulations to winner Gina Mavrias, CEO of Australian Hearing. Well done also to runners up Chris Beer, CEO of George & Matilda Eyecare and Richard Amato, General Manager of Enerven. Clearly, each of these leaders are well respected for the people they are.

Reflect for a moment on how your boss influences your ability to get your job done and be at your best. The success of any relationship depends on both parties doing their part to earn respect, built trust and collaborate in the pursuit of successful outcomes.

How does your boss make you feel? Are you energised by their approach? Do they inspire you to want to go the extra mile, or commit to taking on challenges you otherwise might not? Working for a great boss can have a big impact on your spirit, determination to thrive and courage to make it happen. Choose to work for the type of leader who will empower you to do your job well.

The seven signs you have an awesome boss are:

Inspiring. An awesome boss is someone who inspires you to strive to be the best possible version of yourself. They lead by example and energise their team with an inspiring vision of the future and optimistic outlook. Challenges are confronted with determination and belief. Recognition of even the routine roles people play demonstrates respect and appreciation.

Respectful. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, including with our boss. Believing we are respected and having respect for someone in turn is essential to our ability to trust them. While each of us is different the need for respect is universal to any human beings ability to thrive. Working for an awesome boss can release our inhibitions and expand our potential.

Accountable. Most of us enjoy working for a leader who takes ownership for the success of the team and their role. Accountable leaders demonstrate what successful behaviour looks like and expect others to take ownership for the standard of their own contribution. They deal with issues and take steps to ensure every member of the team is held accountable for behaving in ways that have a positive impact.

Balanced and fair. An awesome boss appreciates and respects the need for balance in life. They are flexible and agree terms that allow people to meet the demands of personal life while also fulfilling their duty to the organisation. Decisions are appropriately weighed and judgements made with balanced perspective and fair consideration.

Honest. The best leaders are those who care about your development and are willing to share the feedback you really need to hear. While they will tell you when things go right, they are just as likely to point out how you could have done things differently. Delivering feedback with respect and sensitivity is a hallmark of an awesome boss.

Compassionate. An awesome boss is someone who cares. They are considerate towards the sensitivities and needs of people and want to see them thrive. They are prepared to make reasonable allowances and will invest time, energy and even resources to support the people on their team to deal with life’s challenges.

Fun. Let’s be honest – work can be tedious at times. When the person we work for is able to have a laugh and encourages people to enjoy one another’s company, these days are few and far between. Your boss doesn’t have to be a prankster or even particularly funny to rate as awesome; they just do need the ability to be fun spirited and know when to relax.