Celebrity talent in the palm of your hands!

Finding an MC, speaker, or a headline act for events can often be a lot more difficult than it has to be.

Spending time going back-and-forth between multiple parties before finding out whether the talent you’re after is even available can be frustrating. All we desire is simplicity.

A.C.T.A (Associated Celebrity Talent App) is a brand new tech platform that has been designed by event industry experts for professionals, just like you, to help save time and money.

Once you find and select your talent you will be put in direct contact with their true representatives. The platform then allows you to contract and pay them directly.

Now this is where the fun really starts. A.C.T.A’s content management system houses all booking documentation and other important information in one place; on the platform. As soon as documents are added or event details are entered or updated, instant notifications are sent to you and anyone associated with the booking. It’s clean and efficient.

Since its launch in November this year, the platform has received glowing reviews from leading event professionals, including Caleb Bush, Managing Director at George P. Johnson Australia and Media Executive of the Year at this year’s CEO Magazine awards. “Sourcing talent for us has never been an easy process. A.C.T.A is an ingenious invention that saves us time and money – it’s the Uber of Entertainment!” Award-winning Event Director at International Productions, Megan Peters adds, “It’s revolutionary! A.C.T.A solves so many issues I have had with booking celebrity talent over the years. Thank you!”

The platform is accessible through the web and a mobile app, ensuring you always remain connected. So what are you waiting for? Find amazing talent for your next event at www.actaapp.com or find them on the App Store today!