Executive PA Summits provide ‘world class’ experiences

Its easy to forget that we launched the executive pa summits barely a year ago. Their unique format really has hit the mark with busy, time-poor EAs who are looking to have decent conversations with suppliers on their terms. Eas who are eager to network with fellow c-suite colleagues and are hungry for high quality professional development.

We wrapped up those three needs in to a neat solution of one single day out of the office. However, its an extremely labour-intensive operation to ensure we get calibre of delegate and supplier right, and that we synchronise the day properly so that everyone gets the best from it.

Melbourne Summit Testimonials

“I would like to extend my very heartfelt sincere thanks for having the opportunity to be part of yesterday’s Executive PA Summit. It was an event that was very memorable for me. I have been to many corporate event that showcase suppliers and presentations that enhance our (EA) motivation, however I have never experienced one that I received so much information from. I absolutely loved the speed meetings and I had already connected with the hosts on the day. The location was fabulous and I really enjoyed the tour. The whole agenda was put together with precision and a credit to you for arranging,” Kerry Schwabl, Personal Assistant.


“Thank you so much for an amazing day. It was an absolute delight meeting you and the team.” Adele Selby, Personal Assistant, Lander & Rogers.


“I enjoyed the speakers and I felt a theme of ‘authenticity’ throughout the day. I loved the format of the day, I think it’s hugely beneficial to get a deeper understanding of each other’s business’s and services,” Holly Bailey, Mission Control
Rankin and Co.


“Executive PA Summit was a valuable day for our company ‘Your Corporate Kitchen’ as meeting potential clients face to face is a lovely way to get to know their company, their roles and responsibilities and build a relationship that’s very hard to do behind an email or phone call. We appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the day, it was well organised and a unique opportunity which we highly enjoyed. The MCG was an excellent venue, we look forward to the next event,” Donna, Marketing Manager, Your Corporate Kitchen.

The speakers and presenters really are world class. So far we’ve had people like rob Redenbach who is in demand over the world for his knowledge in leadership, futurist, Steve Sammartino, Amna Karra-Hassan who is doing a wonderful job in the field of diversity and inclusion, and motivational speaker & expert on disruption, Gus Balbontin, who two days before he spoke to our audience of 50 EAs, had been wowing an audience of 10,000 in Dallas. We’ve been lucky enough to have Gus come back and speak again at a later summit. People pay thousands of dollars to see these speakers – our summits are free.

The first summit was in Brisbane in October 2017 and although it was a great success, we keep asking delegates and suppliers how can improve them did the meeting times work? Are people properly matched? What topics and subject areas would people like to hear more on? Should we start or finish later or sooner? As a result of the feedback, every subsequent summit is an improvement on the last and interestingly enough, what works in Sydney may not work in Auckland or Brisbane. You can look forward to more summits coming your way in 2019!