Venue: Novotel Sydney Darling Square

“Every relationship in the business, I find myself somewhat responsible for”

Nyssa Lambkin, PA of the Year Australasia 2017

Always the ambassador, your role as an executive level assistant is developing into one where you are increasingly being tasked to make important decisions for the business, and on someone else’s behalf.

If you are looking for ways to optimise the influence you have on the success of your boss and senior leadership team, want to play a bigger role and earn greater respect for the impact you can have, this masterclass ticks the boxes and much more.

You could be operating in a challenging team environment and looking for ways to have greater influence on culture and engagement; this masterclass will help you to understand more about how you can positively influence your executive’s brand, professional relationships and ultimately their effectiveness.

Why attend this masterclass?

Understand yourself

• How you typically operate and your own professional “brand” reputation

• What enables your success and what holds you back from being the best version of yourself

Understand other people

• Key motivators of human behaviour

• How to influence the way people, think, feel, behave and perform

• Keys to building successful relationships and why they matter to a high impact EA

Learn to deliver difficult messages well

• Find the courage to have tough love conversations

• Say no and keep people happy

About the facilitator

Over the span of her corporate career Karen has worked in client service, strategy and planning as well as quality management leadership roles. In 2006, after eight years with The Vanguard Group where she was the head of human resources for the Asia Pacific region, Karen founded Ryan Gately, a HR consultancy company in Melbourne. In 2018 it became the Corporate Dojo. Together with her team Karen works with organisations large and small across a broad range of industries to support them to build and leverage talented and energized teams.

Karen is a passionate optimist and an educator in the fields of human performance and leadership. She brings a fresh perspective to what it takes to be a successful manager of people. Advocating an approach focused on leveraging both talent and energy Karen shows leaders how to drive performance through inspiring, results-based leadership.

8:00 Registration & breakfast

8:30 Program Objectives

8:45 Session 1: Understand You

  • The way in which you currently operate, what’s working and what needs to change
  • The link between your thoughts, emotions, behaviour and performance
  • Reflect on the extent to which your potential is being realised

10:00 Morning tea

10:15  Session 2: Human behaviour

  • The link between how people think, feel and behave
  • Energisers and drainers in the workplace and how they influence team spirit and culture
  • Underlying influences of common behaviours that undermine success

11:30 Session 3: Great relationships

  • Foundations of all successful relationships
  • Key influencers of trust and respect
  • The role relationships play in enabling you to influence outcomes

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Session 4: Influencing for Success

  • What influence means
  • The importance of building rapport
  • Why getting buy in matters
  • How to maintain engagement

14:00 – Session 5: Difficult conversations

  • What typically makes conversations difficult
  • How to find the courage to say what you need to, when you need to
  • Choosing words that will allow you to have the impact you want to
  • How to deliver tough love so it makes a positive difference

15:00 Session 6: Be Awesome

  • Steps you can take to invest in you
  • Choices essential to enabling the outcomes you want.
  • Actions you will sign up to taking from here

16:00 End of Masterclass