Review: How to Speak Human by Dougal and Jen Jackson

I was hooked reading this great little book with its quirky sense of humour, references to movies, world leaders, and anecdotes (fainting goats, licking elbows, and superheroes). That said, the authors’ focus on communication is through attention, influence, and engagement – very relatable as an EA.

The first chapter had me nodding in agreement about communication differences between the ages. Unlike my children, who were born into the Gen Y era, I have had to adapt to ‘modern’ forms of communication (video messaging, team chats, online file sharing/editing). The book talks about change in communication mediums, affect of that change, and how ‘we’ in the workplace cope with it.

Influential leaders are a special breed; embracing people skills over technical expertise hits the nail in this book. Using exceptional communication skills to bring people together to share knowledge that shapes a better future.  As an EA I watch and listen to our organisation’s leaders, each with their own unique style but the standouts are those who can clearly articulate to all ages in their audience.

Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read. It was relaxed yet well-written and offers some very useful ways of looking at communication strategies.

Our Reviewer: Kirsty Ingram is an EA at QUT