Your award-winning international peers


The annual Executive PA Awards recognise and reward the achievements of EAs, PAs, their companys and bosses from all around the world. If you didn’t make it to the Executive PA Awards in November 2017 we would like to introduce you to just a handful of our award recipients from Australia to UK, and many other locations inbetween…

PA of the Year UK
Jo Jones, Executive Personal Assistant to the Director, Sanger Institute
Meet Jo here

PA of the Year Australiasia
Nyssa Lambkin, EA to Partner, Ernst & Young
Meet Nyssa here

PA of the Year USA & Canada
Nicole Guarrera, EA to Global Managing Partner, Client Service, Ernst & Young
Meet Nicole here

PA of the Year Scandinavia
Julia Schmidt, Executive Assistant to the Chairman CEO & CFO, BASEFARM 
Meet Julia here

PA of the Year Africa
Sian Elston-Lowe, EA to the Managing Director, Via Media
Meet Sian here

Outstanding Contribution to your Profession
Sonia Vanular, Founder IMA-International Management Assistants
Meet Elsa-Britt Lundgen, Executive Chairman of International Management Assistants accept the award for Sonia, here

You can read more about all the Executive PA Awards 2017 winners and runners up here


Stay tuned for the Executive PA Awards 2018 venue announcement soon…

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