PD Pioneer portable AC laptop charger

The answer to your remote working prayers...

With a flexible remote working option now the norm on a daily basis, you might want to change up your environment.

Perhaps you want to get some more vitamin D and work under the sun or travel to your local picnic spot. But you can’t, because your laptop wouldn’t last past the hour without having it on charge—and we all know there isn’t any powerpoints in the park…

Luckily for you, the PD Pioneer portable laptop charger will allow you to work from any location without stress of your gadgets running out of battery.

The PD Pioneer laptop charger has both USB and AC outlets to charge both your phone and laptop and keep the topped up. This portable charger is a game changer, not only does it increase your remote working options, but it also boasts faster charging power that can recharge a 2015 Macbook in just 2 hours.