Review: Read Me First by Lisa Stephenson

Lisa Stephenson is all about the holistic approach. Who you are is not just what you do; where you studied, and what your major achievements are. You are more than your CV!

Read Me First challenges you to “…get uncomfortable”, and provokes you to explore those things, about you, that you may have not considered worth a second thought; therein lies the challenge: you have the ability to change; no one will do it for you, not even her book – “…this is where the real learning and change and success happens.”

This level of self-awareness is a skill that can be taught. Stephenson cannot emphasise enough the importance of working on oneself. This involves knowing what experiences have helped make us and inform our morals and values; being curious about other perspectives and ways of thinking; strategically reflecting on ways to improve, and taking action.

Stephenson’s promise in Read Me First is: your way of thinking will be changed, (and it does!). ‘Success’, whatever that means for you, is based on what you invest in your development, not just professionally; emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. Holistically!

“When you change, so does the world around you”.

Our Reviewer: John Apotsis is a PA at Finity Consulting