Start the new year off on the right foot by saving time and money

With the new year comes new challenges and the desire to explore new and better ways of doing things. A new outlook and a fresh perspective on how we tackle our work is often what we all need, and with event schedules for 2019 already filling up, smart event organisers are getting the one up through A.C.T.A.

Less than a month after its official domestic launch, A.C.T.A – the Associated Celebrity Talent App – is well and truly establishing itself as the go-to tool for your celebrity talent booking needs, saving countless hours in not only booking celebrity entertainers and speakers, but in the way those bookings are managed.

With over 200 new additions to the roster over the past month, A.C.T.A puts the talent pool of Australia’s biggest celebrities at your fingertips and their representatives are ready to take your enquiries.

It really simple!

A.C.T.A’s 4 Step Booking Process

1. Go to or download A.C.T.A on the App Store.

2. Search for your desired talent and enter your event details.

3. Speak directly to their true representatives.

4. Close the deal by contracting and paying the talent directly.

A.C.T.A then hosts all of your event documents, contracts and information in one central location and notifies everyone if anything is changed or added.

So start the new year off on the right foot with A.C.T.A by getting ahead of the game.