TIME: The Professional Woman’s Guide to finding 30 guilt-free hours a month

In a busy world of being an EA, TIME is everything we desire and feel we need more of. Without our time managed well, things get crazy and stress levels rise. Guilt free hours a month? The title sells this book. It made me want to know the WHY and HOW I can nd these 30 hours a month as advertised. Where do we find these hours without stressing ourselves out even more? So, from reading the title I was keen to try and make a change to my life.

The hope to find time to read this book was my first challenge. I changed my daily commute to work. Already, it had encouraged me to change a habit, from either listening to music or playing on social media, I was now using my commute time to invest in myself in search for those 30 hours of, well, whatever I want to do with them really.

This book is a must read for any EA wanting to put a more mindful thought structure and process to their way of thinking – to get things done and achieve those guilt free 30 hours a month. Be SMART. Use this book as your reference tool. The exercises assist with the changing of patterns and the way we think.

If you can make the time to read this book and do the exercises, I’m sure you’ll bene t from it.