Review: Visual Thinking by Emma Bannister

Working for local government I generate a lot of presentations with important information for residents. Being able to have it received as intended is key for maintaining good community engagement. Emma Bannister’s book really ticks all the boxes on streamlining your message.

It opens with an intro to Emma and her company and why we all need to invest more in our presentations instead of seeing them as tasks to be squeezed into our schedule of real work. It gives simple and practical advice on how to make your presentation run smoothly and what aspects to focus your attention on.

As an EA the biggest takeaway for me was learning the most important information is that which you leave out. Like an outfit. Once you have it planned out, take something off and you’re done.

Honestly the book is definitely worth a look. Emma has provided a break down on all the key elements to make your boss or department’s next presentation the best in show. It is professional but easy to read and no highlighting required as the key message from each section is championed on its own page. Simply add a few page markers and you’re set.

If you create presentations in your role this book is a must for your bookshelf.

Our Reviewer: Mary Irwin is an EA for the South Grampians Shire Council